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kvalitetsgaranti certifierad enligt ISO 17100

What does a certified translation look like?
Useful information on certified translations

A certified translation may only be carried out by a court-certified translator. The official title is: Generally sworn and court-certified translator. In order to be allowed to use this title, translators must not only have completed their language studies, but they must also, after a longer period of practical experience, additionally pass a strict examination by the judicial administration. Only then do they receive the authorisation, the permission to carry out certified translations.


Standards for the preparation of a certified translation
The sworn, authorised translator places a standardised certification formula behind his translation, which confirms the conformity of the translation with the original document. He vouches for this with his oath and signature. 
The translator's stamp appears next to the date and signature. The translated document is either stapled together with the original document or with a copy and additionally provided with a stamped vignette.
The certified translation is dated, but in principle has perpetual validity. You only have to have the document translated ONCE, and it has to be certified. So keep the translation just as well as the original. Nevertheless, some authorities often require an up-to-date copy of documents and also their prompt certified translation.  
According to the EU regulation of 2016, all Member States must accept a certified translation made by a person qualified to do so under the law of a Member State.

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Kitz Global specialises in certified translations and has two decades of experience in the field.

Kitz Global is a certified global language service provider. We specialise in certified translation of official documents. Our translation agency has been providing professional translations of guaranteed quality in all languages and language combinations at an unparalleled pace for over 15 years. Confidentiality is a matter of course for us, you can be 100% sure that your documents will be handled securely and discreetly with us. We have carried out thousands of certified translations in many languages and for many countries.


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